Why Visit Jaco, Costa Rica

jaco vacation rentals

Jaco is termed as Costa New booming beach city. It has a very energetic crowd and many beaches. A beach is a place where anyone can enjoy. At the Jaco beach, there are activities for kids, teenagers, adults and elderly at the beach. The kids can make sand castles and play with it or they can dig holes to find seashells and oysters in the sand. Teenagers and adults can enjoy water sports like surfing, scuba diving, kayaking etc. These activities are for adrenaline filled people. For people who are looking for some quiet time, they can go horseback riding, boat rides or just sit in the sun and get tanned. Walks on the beaches are therapeutic as the sand goes between the spaces of our foot and it has a bit of acupuncture effect. Walking on the beach in the morning is recommended because the sand is cold at that time and it is bearable. Also, walking means walking without shoes or sandals or slippers. One should avoid walking in the afternoon or evening because the sand at that time is hot.


Watching a sunset at the beach is a mesmeric sight. The beautiful orangish red sun meets the horizon and it seems like it is drowning in water and that is a sight which you’d keep longing for. Jaco is an hour away from Manuel Antonio national park. Manuel Antonio national park may be small in size but it has a lot of diversity in its flora and fauna. Nightlife at Jaco is the best. There are some very good clubs which you do not wish to call an early night and sleep. Jaco has a traveller friendly atmosphere and it is famous for its party life and active nightlife. In Jaco vacation rentals can be found at Carmelita Villas in Costing Rica.


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